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House Leveling in Houston

Posted By admin on Friday,18 January 2013 in Uncategorized
Many homes in the Houston area are of the pier-and-beam or block-and-base variety.  Over time, the house begins to settle and crack because the wooden beam foundation at the base can’t support the structure.  Harsh weather conditions like drought or excessive rain play a large role in the structural damage of your home’s foundation.  As a result, the soil underneath these homes will shrink and swell forcing the structure to shift and move.  Other factors that can affect the foundation are age and termites.  Misaligned doors and cracks in drywall are the clearest indicators that your home may need leveling. The process begins when the problematic wooden beams are removed and replaced with new treated wood.  Concrete blocks are then installed and fitted with metal termite darts to keep unwanted critters away.  These concrete base blocks, or pads, are fundamental to the foundation repair.  The house is raised by jacks...
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Houston, Hurricanes and Bad Storms- Is your home ready

Posted By admin on Monday,26 November 2012 in test, Uncategorized
Although Florida tends to bear the brunt of many powerful storms, the threat of a hurricane’s impact on Texas is not to be taken lightly. As Houstonites, our proximity to the Gulf Coast puts our families and our homes in danger of the hazards that hurricanes bring with them. High winds, heavy rains and extreme flooding can damage a home severely if precautions are not taken. Preparing your home can be as simple as bringing potted plants indoors or securing patio furniture and grills; however, roofs are the most sensitive to high winds. Metal hurricane connectors should be tied to exterior walls in order to protect against the “uplift” effect. These connectors can be found in home improvement stores. Installing storm shutters over windows is an easy and effective way to protect your family from shattered glass. Don’t forget to cover skylights and sliding glass doors too. Another safety hazard to consider is the garage door. Garage doors can wobble and get thrown from their tracks. In some severe cases, the entire door can collapse. Retrofit kits can help to secure the door and may be found in home improvement stores as well. Hurricane season won’t be over until November 30th, so make sure...
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Isaac bowling straight into Hurricane Alley

Posted By admin on Friday,23 November 2012 in Uncategorized
As we watch the news here at Allied Foundation, we see Hurricane Isaac making quite an entrance into the Gulf of Mexico (dubbing the unfortunate nickname of Hurricane Alley). Not only has Isaac made its mark on the Florida’s coast, but it’s headed straight toward New Orleans – an area that has been beat up quite enough in recent years and is still trying to rebuild itself after Katrina’s wreckage. According to the latest “projected path cone,” we should expect Tropical Storm forces here in Houston. Although the good news is that we won’t have a hurricane on our hands, even Tropical Storm forces are nothing to take lightly. Tropical Storms can bring heavy flooding and harsh winds (anywhere from 39-73 MPH) into the area; and as we’ve seen from the South Florida flooding (which was outside of Isaac’s stream-lined path), we should prepare for a great deal of rain and later standing water. Make sure you’ve bought your extra batteries, filled some gas cans for your generator and have plenty of non-perishable food and water stocked up - just in case. Once the rain has fallen, please remember to stay clear of any standing water. Aside from the fact that mosquitoes...
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