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The Warning Signs of Foundation Distress

Posted By admin on Friday,23 November 2012 in Uncategorized
Foundation distress can be a real problem and safety issue. The last thing that a new homeowner needs is slab failure. If a homeowner experiences bulging floors, cracked walls and doors that won’t close, there is a large possibility that their foundation is under distress and in great need of repair. It’s always possible that your home’s foundation can settle or heave, leaving you with a large problem to tackle. The cause can be attributed to the loss or gain of soil moisture underneath your home, which is heavily affected by weather. These critical foundation issues can ruin the experience of new home-ownership, so in an effort to avoid a large-scale problem, home-owners should know what to look for when dealing with these issues.  Some of the exterior warning signs include: wall rotation, cracked bricks, cracked moldings and displaced moldings. Internal warning signs of foundation distress can show themselves in various ways including: misaligned doors, windows that will not close, cracked sheetrock and cracks in the floor. These examples are all hazardous signs that your home’s foundation is under distress and needs quick repair. If you are experiencing these signs, whether external or internal, seek help now and contact us for a...
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