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Cracked Brick Can Mean Foundation Problems

Posted By admin on Tuesday,28 May 2013 in Uncategorized

Cracked Brick Can Be a Scary Sight!

Have you ever walked around the outside of your house and noticed a change in your beautiful brick home? Do you have any cracked bricks? The actual cracked brick can cost you money in different ways. If it is the actual brick itself many problems can occur. The crack in the brick can allow water to enter your home, which could damage structural elements and interior finishes. The moisture could possibly create a mold situation, which can be costly. Those bricks should be replaced quickly. Most home improvement stores sell bricks fairly inexpensively and this small task can be handled by you. But don’t dismiss the bigger problem here. If you see actual cracks in the mortar of your brick home, this is a problem that needs immediate attention.  Do not confuse a single cracked brick with a crack in the brickwork of your home. As shown above, a crack in the brickwork will usually follow a line from the top to the bottom row of bricks. The crack occurs in or crosses both bricks and mortar joints. A crack in the brickwork is generally a sign that there is a problem...
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