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Foundation Repair Angleton

For many residents in Angleton, Texas the largest most important investment you will ever make will be your home.  Foundation problems can threaten that investment by causing serious structural damage, cracked sheetrock, sewer line damage, uneven floors and windows and doors that stick.  If these problems go unattended they can worsen and reduce the value of your home.  Being in Angleton you are close to the Gulf of Mexico, so you experience many different changes in the weather.  During the drought season the soil will shrink and crack underneath the foundation causing it to lose its stability.  During the hurricane season you may experience several days of heavy down pours with the excessive moisture it may cause expansive soils to swell and heave.  Foundation repair is a specialized industry that no one thinks about until your foundation is failing.

Allied Foundation Repair has over 30 years experience of foundation repair, house leveling and sewer line repair.  Foundation repair is something that should not go unattended because it only makes the problem worse causing more damage to your home.  We can have one of our experts come out and do a foundation evaluation of your home.  Give us a call at (281)479-5247 to set an appointment today with an Angleton foundation specialist.

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Angleton House Leveling

If you need a house leveling company in Angleton, call Allied Foundation. We have provided professional house leveling in Angleton since 1982. Call to schedule a free estimate.

Sewer Line Repair Angleton TX

A foundation problem can stem from other causes such as your sewer line. At Allied Foundation, we have experts that can handle your sewer line repairs in Angleton. For a free sewer line repair estimate, call today.

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