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Foundation Repair Lake Jackson

We at Allied Foundation Repair are here to answer your concerns regarding your foundation.  Due to the dry conditions in Lake Jackson, the soil under your home can shrink and cause your foundation to move.  If the weather changes and we experience a lot of rain, the soil will swell and cause your foundation to move again.  With the constant change in the weather, our Texas soil is always moving which means our homes are moving as well.  If you are experiencing issues with your foundation, you may have seen cracks in the exterior brick of your home, or cracks down your walls.  You may also have doors that are hard to close.  Call Allied Foundation Repair today, and one of our professionals will come to your home and give you a full foundation evaluation. To get a free estimate, call our foundation company at (281) 479-5247 today!

Allied Foundation Repair serves Lake Jackson, TX 77566.

Lake Jackson Foundation Repair – Home of the Buccaneers

Lake Jackson House Leveling

For all your house leveling needs in Lake Jackson, call Allied Foundation. Our professional have been leveling houses in Lake Jackson for over 30 years. Call today for your free estimate.

Sewer Line Repair Lake Jackson

Surprisingly a foundation problem can be caused by your sewer line. At Allied Foundation we have experts to run test on your sewer line to determine where the problem occurs. Call Allied Foundation for all your sewer line repairs in Lake Jackson.