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Sewer Line Repair Houston TX

How do I know if I have problems with my sewer pipes?

An odor may be the first thing you notice, but hopefully we get to the pipes before it gets to this level of damage. Thousands of homes in the Houston area that are over 40 years old have cast iron sewer lines running under their foundations. Over the years these pipes corrode, deteriorate, crack and begin to leak causing water to flow freely under the slab. This leakage softens the dirt and erodes the soil under the central areas of the structure. While this occurs under the home, the house begins to sink towards the interior causing structural damage.

Signs of Sewer Damage

  • Visible deterioration of cast iron sewer lines
  • Drain line backing up
  • Foundation appearing to sink in the interior
  • Grass is watery when sprinkler or rain is absent

The solution to fixing foundation leakage is not easy, but the experts at Allied Foundation don’t mind the messy work that comes with this dirty job. Allied Foundation offers a free video inspection that sends a small self leveling camera through your drain lines. This gives our technician a “real time image” to identify leaks, cracks or damage. This non invasive inspection gives us the ability to accurately diagnose the pipes condition and calculate the scope of sewer line repair. In other words, we can determine exactly where your problem is so we can fix the problem in minimum time and at the least cost to you.

At Allied Foundation, we specialize in total sewer line replacement. We tunnel under the existing foundation to access and disconnect all damaged and deteriorated cast iron pipes. Our experienced staff then proceeds by replacing the cast iron pipes with brand new PVC pipes. The new PVC pipe is then anchored to the slab and is angled to allow for positive flow to the main drain. This process is completed in two to three days.

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